The exclusive blend of unique botanicals and the latest technologies creates gentle, high-performing formulas to enhance the beauty of every hair type.

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FiberStrong Conditioner

Conditions and detangles, leaving your hair soft to the touch.

FullDensity Thickening Conditioner

Nourishes hair to reduces breakage, give body and add shine.

KeratinDose Conditioner

Moisturizes and smoothes overprossed hair.

RepairInside Conditioner

Rich conditioning restores suppleness and shine.

SugarShine Conditioner

Leaves hair supple and nourished.

VolumeBloom Conditioner

Conditions and adds weightless moisture to hair

ColorLast Conditioner

Hair is left soft and detangled with extra shine and depth of color.

HydraSource Conditioner

Conditions and detangles while adding softness.

Ultra HydraSource Conditioner

Conditions to help envelop and smooth dry, thick coarse hair.

Scalpsync Conditioner

Weightlessly soothes and nourishes to condition hair.

SmoothProof Conditioner

Detangles and defrizzes hair while providing static control.

Total Results

Total Results, a compact yet complete in-salon and at-home hair care and styling system for every hair challenge.

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Texture Games Conditioner

Un soin enrichi en polymères pour structurer les cheveux courts et ondulés.

Color Obsessed Conditioner

Un soin enrichi en anti-oxydant pour cheveux colorés qui nourrit et prolonge l'éclat de la couleur

Curl Please Conditioner

Un soin pour hydrater les cheveux ondulés et bouclés, enrichi en huile de jojoba pour dompter les frisottis .

Hello Blondie Conditioner

Un soin pour cheveux blonds, enrichi en camomille qui fortifie, adoucit et démêle les cheveux blonds pour une brillance éclatante.

High Amplify Conditioner

Un soin volumateur qui renforce la structure des cheveux secs et fins

Mega Sleek Conditioner

Un soin enrichi en beurre de karité pour les cheveux indisciplinés qui aide à contrôler les frisottis.

Moisture Me Rich Conditioner

Un soin pour cheveux secs enrichi en glycérine qui hydrate intensément la fibre capillaire pour encore plus de douceur

So Long Damage Conditioner

Un soin qui fortifie les cheveux, enrichi en céramides, pour prévenir la casse.

Oil Wonders

The most complete oil-care range, inspired by ancient beauty rituals, using exotic ingredients for the best professional services of today.

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Oil Conditioner

Conditioning while restoring manageability for touchable softness and shine.

Volume Rose Conditioner

Volume conditioner that penetrates 2X deeper for petal soft nourishment.

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