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Opti. Curl Extra Body

Acid wave for normal, resistant & color-treated hair.

Opti. Curl Variable Action

Acid wave for all hair types including color-treated.

Opti. Effects

Modern dual wave system for normal/resistant/color treated hair.

Opti. Liss

Professional straightening innovation.

Opti. Liss Care

Post chemical treatment that corrects all hair damages from roots to tips and deep into the hair.

Opti. Smooth

Un système de lissage des cheveux qui permet de protéger, fortifier et soigner les cheveux pour obtenir un resultat doux et brillant.

Opti. Straight

Conditioning straightening system.

Opti. Thermic

exothermic wave for resistant/coarse hair giving long-lasting, resilient curls.

Opti. Wave

Une permanente cheveux auto-réglable pour tous types de cheveux , y compris colorés.

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